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The Online Group of AA is open to anyone and is multilingual.

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“We are trying to build up extensive records which will be of value to a future historian...“It is highly important that the factual material be placed in our files in such a way that there can be no substantial distortion...“We want to keep enlarging on this idea for the sake of the full length history to come...”            — Bill W., 1957 

Alcoholics Anonymous Archives and History

Archives Workbook - (PDF) How to set up area archives.  Suggestions on record preservation, oral histories, reference information, etc.

AA GRAPEVINE Digital Archive - here you can find every article, letter, editorial, special feature, joke, and cartoon published in the Grapevine magazine starting from our first issue in June 1944.
Dick B.: A.A.-Founders: Reflections about Anne Smith, Dr. Bob’s Wife
Dr. Bobs Home - A Site dedicated to the memory of Dr. Bob.
Roots of the Big Book -  by Rickard K. - (article)
Stepping Stones - Lois' Story - Lois Wilson, the wife of Bill Wilson.
The Co-Founders of Alcoholics Anonymous  Brief biographical sketches of Bill W. and Dr. Bob, together with their last major talks..
The Wilson House - The Birthplace of Bill W., co-founder of Alcoholics Anonymous.   It is a living memorial.

Our Global Archive Services are meant to be suggestive only.  We realize we know only a little.  Please join us.  "We shall be with you in the Fellowship of the Spirit, and you will meet some of us as you trudge the Road of Happy Destiny.  May God bless you and keep you - until then."